What do I do as a Holistic Health & Nutrition Counsellor/Coach? I am a trained professional who uses an integrative approach to change diet and lifestyle in order to improve your overall health. I look at your nutrition patterns, relationships, physical fitness, spirituality, stress levels, and more to find out, where I can support you best on your journey. So we will dive into the profound relationships between lifestyle, nutrition, mindset and overall health during our sessions.

Why may I be the person you were looking for? Our conventional medical system is not a model that truly creates health.  Holistic practitioners are the link between the conventional system and alternative medicine. The link between what people want and what they need. The link that makes life easier, better, and more enjoyable.

Heart PlantWhy do we need Holistic Counsellors/Coaches? Obesity rates are at epidemic levels, as are diabetes, chronic fatigue, heart disease, chronic inflammation, and hormone imbalances. More and more children show learning and behavioural issues, can’t concentrate and symptoms just don’t seem to improve. The main causes? Food & Lifestyle. More people are feeling run down, anxious, sick, depressed, unmotivated and confused about all of the conflicting information they get bombarded with on a daily basis. People are desperately seeking alternative solutions to get well. Many of them are tired of the conventional band-aid approach.

How will we work together? Our initial session takes up 30 minutes. We can hold this session in person (social distancing and covid19 policies in place), by phone or online. During our initial session, we get to know each other and I will listen to your health/lifestyle issues you would like to discuss with me. I will ask you to fill out a health assessment, as it helps me put the health pieces together. The 2nd session takes up about 1 hour. I will educate and make some suggestions as to what may be most helpful to you to reach your goal. You can then decide what approaches resonate with you most, then start to implement a few of the changes over the coming weeks to see how you feel and how you are doing. Follow up sessions will then take place. Some clients may need further coaching sessions, where as others are on their own way to a better self after a couple of sessions already.

How much will it cost? I truly believe that looking after oneself and create a healthy and positive lifestyle should not depend on affordability of a trained professional. I usually charge $45 for a 1/2 hr session and $80 for 1 hr session. If my rates are not within your budget, please let me know. We will make it work. Some group insurance plans cover my services. Please check if you are covered.

Interested? Call the office at 250-593-4431 or contact me by email. I am looking forward to meeting you soon.

Registered Holistic Health & Nutrition Counsellor